5 Resolutions (That You Can Keep) During the New Year

By Donia Osman, Staff Writer

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Every year, people all across the globe set resolutions that they can’t keep or are easy to give up on. But, there are some easy-to-keep and simple resolutions that you can put to the test in this new year that’ll allow you to give yourself a pat on the back.

  1. Drink more water

This resolution is easier said than done, but not impossible to maintain. Once getting used to drinking the recommended 8 cups of water a day, you begin to see some good changes in your life. Drinking more water causes skin to clear up, metabolism to increase, and does wonders in keeping bodily organs functioning and healthy.

  1. Get more sleep

You will thank yourself repeatedly once following through with this resolutions. After just one week of getting the recommended 8 hours of sleep a night, you could begin to have less headaches, better focus, and less tiredness in your daily life. Count 8 hours back from when you need to get up in the morning and try to sleep at that time every night.

  1. Always have a goal to strive after

Sometimes, if people don’t have something to look forward to or something in mind that they want to accomplish, their day-to-day routines start to become boring and seem to be without end or purpose. Find purpose in all the hard work you do every day. Whether your goal is to get into a specific college, be healthier, make more friends, or even to get a job, having a goal to work towards throughout the new year is very important.

  1. Save money

Everybody knows the saying “save money for a rainy day.” It exists for a reason, though, as saving money to the side is very important. Even as a teenager, you will have a day in your future where you could use some of the money that you don’t save up today. Save a specific percentage of money from your paycheck or your allowance to the side, and you will be glad you did so in the future.

  1. Be more positive

A smile can go a long way. Keeping a positive attitude during the new year will benefit your relationships, your grades, and your mental health. Having a positive outlook in which you are confident in your abilities, whether it be test-taking abilities or your ability to get into your dream college, will help you to push yourself farther than you could’ve ever imagined otherwise. Additionally, maintaining a positive outlook will keep people around you happy and motivated as well.

Good luck in this new year and instead of striving towards unrealistic and difficult resolutions, choose something from above that won’t be as difficult to maintain and could be a step in the right direction towards an even bigger goal in the future, perhaps. Happy New Year and stay motivated.