Terry and Julie



He doesn’t see Julie, the sun is so bright,

His eyes like a parched mirror, drink in the sunlight.

His sidewalk endrenched with the glow – that’s enough!

A person? A movement? The glare makes it tough.


She doesn’t see Terry, just shadows on home

And she walks her own shade route, also alone

On her side of the night, where the light’s never found.

Alas, it is hopeless, in darkness she’s bound.


But Terry’s head turns and he sees Julie there,

A bit of the light getting caught in her hair.

The light looks so good all spaced out, he decides,

So he splits his provisions, putting half on each side.


Now Terry can see, and Julie can too.

And without all that glare now, the sky’s looking blue.

Light and the dark, being opposites clearly,

Don’t ever mix, but they complement dearly.