The cast, crew, and pit teams of FHSDAC 2021-2022 (image by Hanah Li)

By Hanah Li, Editor

On March 25th and 26th, FHSDAC presented their 2022 spring musical, Grease. The show, written by Jim Jacobs and Warren Casey, is an adaptation of and features hit songs and iconic moments from the 1978 Grease film.

My sister and I had the pleasure of attending Friday night’s performance, and our experience was absolutely electrifying: the auditorium was packed with FHS students, staff members, and families, all thrilled to watch this highly-anticipated performance; when the curtains opened, the audience roared with excitement and cheered as the DAC presented the opening act, in costume and ready to conquer the stage; and lovers of Grease sang along with the cast.

The hard work of our FHSDAC most definitely paid off– tickets were sold out on Friday night!

I got the wonderful opportunity to interview one of the seniors on his involvement in the DAC:

Senior Joshua Cruz-Morales donning his Johnny Casino suit

Q: How was your experience in this year’s musical? Who did you play, and what did you enjoy the most about that role? What didn’t you like about it?

Josh CM: My experience in the musical was definitely an interesting one; I started out by losing my voice the week prior to auditions, so that significantly affected my audition, as I could barely talk. I took on the role of Johnny Casino and ensemble for my final show with FHSDAC. Johnny Casino is the leader of his band, The Gamblers, who rocks a killer red suit, plays a shiny red guitar, and has some wicked dancing moves. I really enjoyed donning an iconic red suit with winged tip shoes and being on top of the platform for “Born to Hand Jive.” However, I would’ve loved to have a bigger role, Grease being my senior show and all, and be able to showcase more of what I can do rather than just having one scene. I’m a singer, so I would’ve loved to have a song that could show off my voice more since it is my strong suit. 

Q: What would you say was your favorite part of the show?

Josh CM: My favorite part of the show would definitely have to be Wednesday night dance rehearsals. I had the privilege of being given the opportunity to be one of the dance captains for the show, so I really enjoyed learning each of the dances and subbing in for any member who wasn’t present at rehearsal. My favorite sub-in moment was being Marty for “Hand Jive” or a “dropout” in “Beauty School Dropout.” The dance rehearsals were also a fantastic bonding experience because the entire cast would band together to learn the dances and just have fun.

Q: What has been your most memorable moment in Drama?
Josh CM: My most memorable moment would definitely have to be getting ready for a show; finishing off cast members’ makeup, doing hair for some of the guys– just the overall last-minute stress and relief before a show. We have drama traditions that we do before or after each show such as the actor’s chant, senior speeches, warmups, sack of rice, and passing the energy– all these little traditions make a great show and cast environment.

What made the show so memorable was definitely the cast. Out of my four years participating in FHSDAC, this year’s cast has definitely been the most chaotic, fantabulous, close-knit acting troupe I’ve been a part of. Everyone brings something special to the table and I truly enjoy spending each moment with them. I’ve gotten closer to a lot of friends, and I met and made so many new connections along the way. We all get along fantastically; everyone is so kind and fun and offers something great to the overall group. I truly enjoyed all the cast-bonding moments that I was able to share with the cast, and I am extremely grateful for having met each of the members of the cast, pit, and crew. I am so heartbroken that this is my last show with FHSDAC!

Q: What advice would you like to give to current or future DAC members?

Josh CM: My advice would be to always keep your head up and not back down from a challenge. If you continue in the performing arts program, know that you will always have a tight-knit second family who will always support you– whether you move on from the acting troupe or stay, you will make connections that last a lifetime. I’ve made some incredible friends throughout my years with FHSDAC and they have definitely made this experience 110 times better. Wherever you go, go with all your heart, always stay true to yourself, and don’t back down from a challenge. Always keep on moving forward because there is something special within each of you. Each of the members of FHSDAC has a unique quality that benefits the overall group. To the 2021-2022 acting troupe, keep on singing, acting, and dancing because, after all, we were all born to hand jive!

The Drama Family! (image by Joshua Cruz-Morales)