Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall


Photo by Will Swann via Unsplash

Fall is the season of free candy and giving thanks. 

The leaves fall from the trees as they become more bare. 

Kids dress up in costumes to get candy from neighbors. 

People sit around fire pits as the days get colder. 

Families eat grand meals while being thankful for the special moments. 

Geese fly south, and the squirrels prepare for winter. 

People pick apples and pumpkins to eat and carve. 

Everything is pumpkin spice flavored. 

Fall is a unique season. 

It is so unique it has two names. 

Summer might be gone, 

But the fall activities are just getting started. 

A time for new experiences and memories to last a lifetime. 

Though fall is all about free candy and thankfulness, 

That doesn’t mean that there aren’t a million other things that make fall so memorable.