Nuclear Engineering Assembly


Image by Vladimir Sladek via Pexels

By Layla Haddad, Staff Writer

If you missed the assembly on November 1st during block five, sophomore Honors Chemistry students were able to attend a meeting about nuclear power and nuclear engineering. The speaker was a Nuclear Engineer in the Navy whose rank allowed him to oversee and manage the people dealing with the nuclear reactor. During the presentation, the speaker explained how the nuclear engines and nuclear plants work and operate. 

While many questions were asked, one stood out to me. “What are the downsides of nuclear power?” The speaker responded, “There are only two downsides. One, the public is scared of nuclear energy because they don’t know enough about it. Two, it’s expensive to build.” Some students raised concerns about radiation and harmful waste to the environment, yet the speaker swiftly dismissed these concerns. He mentioned how on board the aircraft carrier, his bedroom was only a thin wall away from the room where the nuclear engine was. During this time he was exposed to less radiation than the average person walking around was. This is because the most powerful radiation that we can be exposed to is the sun.

In addition, all of the Navy’s aircraft carriers and submarines are powered by nuclear energy. This allows these vessels limitless power to operate wherever needed in the world. As a Nuclear Engineer in the Navy aboard a nuclear aircraft carrier, you get to experience one of the most modern and powerful warships in history. While you learn new things aboard, you will get to visit ports around the world. Everyday will offer something new.