Little Shop of Horrors – a Tech Crew Timeline

Over the past few weeks, I have had the opportunity to join the tech crew for the Dramatic Arts Club at Freehold Boro. I’ve met many new people and learned lots of new things. You never really realize just how much goes into a play or musical until you see it for yourself. That’s why I decided to take pictures of our progress so you all can see the magic of the tech crew.

Wow, honestly you never really realize just how many moving parts go into a musical, we have sound and light directors for spot and stage lights, a running crew to assist backstage, and the pit for music. It’s crazy to think that if we didn’t have just one of these moving parts, the whole musical wouldn’t be the same. I hope after seeing and understanding this, you would consider coming down to our production of The Little Shop of Horrors and supporting our Dramatic Arts Club! Friday at 7 PM, Saturday at 1 and 7 PM come on down and see the magic! (Tickets are for sale at