The Rose

Zahra Clarke, Staff Writer

A single rose was all it took, a delicate little flower that held so much in that one moment for some of us but for him and only him it meant the world itself. It was the day he had been waiting for, a day like no other. He went outside to his lovely rose garden, they popped up from every direction the color bright and shining. Every morning he would water each and everyone of his roses.  He had been doing this for years and never failed to water those wild flowers with a heart full of love.  After he finished he put on his best clothes and went out because today was the day.  The man walked past the baker, past the park and arrived at the flower shop.  There were different types of flowers everywhere but none as magnificent as the roses at this home.  However that was until he saw and recognized the most rarest rose he had ever seen.  A blue rose, he knew it would be perfect for her.  The one who he loved for years.  He bought the rose and went to the best restaurant in town.  You see today was the day he told her.  Told her he loved her with every passing day that would turn into years, he told the girl and gave her the blue rose.  However, she did not accept the blue rose instead she took him back to his house to the yard full of roses and pointed to one rose.  He recognized that rose, the one he had planted ever so nicely the day he met her and the day his love for the girl started.  He picked it and gave it to the girl. And finally believed the rose was the key to show his love.  A single rose beautifully planted years ago, a seedling when he planted it and now it was the beginning of their life together.  The Rose!