Fall & Winter Fashion 2020

In challenging and confusing times like these, Fall and Winter provide a huge pick-me-up: new fashion trends. The mood-altering power of fashion brings people together and reminds us of our own self-expression. Here’s the most influential pieces of the season:


Layering has been hugely popular recently, and the chilly weather provides plenty of opportunities to try it out. Social media’s favorite It Girl Emma Chamberlain gives us the perfect duo of a turtleneck and vintage crew-neck. Pair with some tiny sunglasses, flare pants, and chunky sneakers and you’re ready to brave the cool breezes.

The preppy but easy option to layering is found in the most beautiful combination. A collared shirt, a crewneck, and a pleated skirt. Flattering on absolutely anybody, the trio works with any color range. Sticking to the season’s jewel tones is always a good idea too.


Fall and Winter bring a temperature drop with them, does “polar vortex” ring any bells? Prepare for the cold with two easy to style coats.

Leather blazers keep us with our layering obsession. Simple to pair and simple to wear! Throw on a black leather jacket for a model off duty look, staying classy while staying warm.

As Winter approaches, a leather jacket might not be enough, especially not in New Jersey. No worries, remember the puffy marshmallow jacket from your youth? The return of the puffer jacket reminds us there is in fact a way to stylishly fight frostbite



Typically, the accessories just enhance the outfit. However, 2020 continues to keep us on our toes, utilizing

statement pieces that may call for even more attention than the clothes themselves.

In the world of fashion, shoes make or break the outfit. These three style choices will be sure to make it. Oxfords make their return to casual wear, while the chelsea boot (or really any boot) returns for it’s annual Fall and Winter debut. The fan favorite chunky sneaker keeps it’s spot on the trending list, along with just about any other chunky shoe type you can imagine.

Jewelry and purses are a staple year-round, but two trends stole the spotlight this year. Baguette bags, and chunky necklaces. Shoulder bags require no effort to pair, and come in a plethora of colors. In fact, we’re trying to collect them all this season. Use a black baguette bag to match your outfit, or choose a statement color and stand out. Chunky and colorful necklaces capture attention, and are always easy to layer. Seed beaded necklaces and big chains proved to be best friends this year.

Finally, the favorite accessory of doctors, nurses, and everyone else… a mask. Luckily, the easiest way to keep safe from COVID-19 is also super fashionable. Masks have actually been popular plenty of times prior, but this season it’s important we all follow the trend. Buy solid color masks and match every outfit, or buy printed ones to keep it funky. Support a small business to buy, or even make your own!

Staying cozy, staying cute, and staying home, are definitely this season’s best fashion trends.