An Update on Covid-19


Photo courtesy of Daniel Schludi via Unspash (a photo sharing site)

By Brandon Lu, Staff Writer

As COVID-19 continues to swarm the world, people are getting more and more desperate to get out of their houses and interact with people causing more cases of COVID-19 appearing all around the world. Especially, inside of the U.S. states including New York, Maryland, Minnesota, Iowa, Utah, and many others hit another high number of cases on Wednesday, which topped 100,000 cases for the 9th time in a row causing many of them to fear the escalating case rates. Government officials in Europe, on the other hand, have been taking measures by putting their countries into a complete lock down. Over time, government officials from all over the world had claimed that their numbers are declining at a good rate, causing people to come outside without wearing any protection to cover themselves. This caused cases to rise up and more people to catch COVID-19.

But, government officials inside of the US are resisting closing down their states as they claim that they know the virus spreads, and they are confident enough to get their hospitals ready. So they don’t need to cause struggling households and businesses to cause more problems for them. But, because of the current season there had been warnings of a second wave of COVID-19 cases that are coming out. John Brownstein, a professor at Harvard Medical School states “As fall approaches, you have drier conditions. More people are spending more time indoors, so generally the virus is more efficient.”

But, there have been reports of a vaccine going around that shows it could have a very good impact on these COVID-19 cases as it reports to be 94.5% effective against COVID. But, with these Vaccines around, scientists still tell people to not let their guard down yet as it would take months to get the country back into shape. The vaccine requires people to get 2 shots that are several weeks apart from each other. But, with the vaccine we could be getting closer and closer to the end of this pandemic.