Children of the Russia-Ukraine War


Image by Yevhen Sukhenko via Pexels

There are thousands upon millions of kids living in Russia and Ukraine that are being affected by the war in some way, shape, or form. Millions of families are having to migrate out of the country, causing the displacement of thousands of children, and are being separated from their parents, families, and loved ones. Those children are living in fear, not knowing what’s going on and what will happen next.

The war has been a detriment to the mental health of the children living in Russia and Ukraine – leading to extreme problems in their emotional, physical, and behavioral health. Children of war have historically been known to suffer from PTSD and are prone to sadness, isolation, major depression, and so many more negative issues.

Hundreds of kids being affected by this war are becoming orphans, being separated from their families, and/or becoming the leader of their households, which can also force them to do things that they don’t want to do but have to. Children emerge from war physically, mentally, and emotionally fragile.

Not only do wars affect children mentally and physically, but they also affect children academically. Schools are being closed and destroyed during the war, shutting the children to not have any way to have any academic learning. Kids are being deeply and heavily traumatized because of the war, causing them to have trauma for a long period of their lives.