Kickoff of the MLB Season!


Image by Vlad Alexandru Popa via Pexels

Baseball is officially back for the Major League Baseball’s 2023 season! Regardless of spring training and the excitement from the 2023 World Baseball Classic, nothing can beat MLB’s opening day. Just this last Thursday, March 30th, the season officially began with so much excitement and unfortunately for some teams, disappointing starts.

As all 30 teams took the field there was a lot of excitement particularly coming from Yankee Stadium, as Aaron Judge hit his first homerun of the season. That also marked the first home run of the season league-wise and was a personal milestone for Judge, as it was his first at-bat as a Yankees captain. Although, that was just the excitement coming from the Yankees victory over the Giants. In the Angles vs. Athletics, superstar Shohei Othani held Oakland to zero runs and only two hits and three walks in the six innings he had on the mound. Beyond that, he struck out 10 of the Athletic’s batters, yet the Athletics are still able to walk away with the win. Anothing opening day upset occurred in the reigning NL Champs game, the Phillies, against the Rangers, where the Phillies had an 11-7 road loss to the Texas Rangers, with newly equipped pitching prodigy, Jacob DeGrom. With all that occurred on Opening Day, there is now even more built up eagerness for the rest of this season!