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Image by Annie Spratt via Unsplash

If you enjoy movies and couldn’t figure out what to watch during winter break, Ron’s Gone Wrong is a great recommendation!

The film is about a boy named Barney, who is looked at as a loser in his community– a nobody who doesn’t have a “b-bot” (a robot buddy created to help make friends). Barney’s family didn’t have enough money to afford the robot, so, being a kind person, his father decided to “get” his son one. The father would later steal a broken b-bot, which would later be Barney’s best friend. The boy struggled to make friends, so getting a b-bot truly made his day. 

The movie has its positives and negatives. On Rotten Tomatoes, Ron’s Gone Wrong received an 80% Tomatometer and a 94% for the audience score. Christy Lemire, a top critic, noted that the film was “[a] lively and sometimes hilarious animated adventure and a sweet story of friendship.” 


Another movie you should check out is Sing 2. While the original Sing was an amazing mix of music and heartwarming storylines, the sequel was even better. You thought having Reese Witherspoon, Matthew McConaughey and Tori Kelly were star-studded, try adding in Halsey, Pharrell Williams, and Bono from U2 (an Irish rock band). 

Rotten Tomatoes gave the film a 69% on the Tomatometer and an audience score of 98%. 

In true music fashion, this encore shows why sequels can be better than their predecessors. Right off the bat, Sing 2 had much more compelling energy than the first and gives each cast member an issue to overcome, but it does so at its own expense. Linda and Al Lerner remarked, “The music is a collection of songs from the best talents today, and the animation is eye-popping with color with a lot of movement to keep little ones as well as parents engaged. As a sequel, Sing 2 is right on key.” Sing 2 has a great storyline and amazing musical connections. With a lovely ending, the film will pull on the shirt strings for even the oldest family member.

The movie has the main storyline where Bono plays Clay Calloway, a musician who hasn’t sung in over ten years due to the fear of the unknown following his wife’s death. He would later come back to perform after being convinced by Ash that his wife wouldn’t want to see him be alone and not share his gift with anyone else.