Black Saint: Chapter 3 – Welcome to Viprin

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7:00 AM | Twilight Forest | Kingdom of Tarsingston

“…And that is where we met. I abandoned my mission to save you, so you are pretty important.”

“Did you get into trouble when you went back to the Spearow base?” Galahad wondered.

“Well, Morana understood what I did and said that it was ok, but to never do it again. We were lucky that my team was still able to complete the mission. However, you did not die and still got taken to the Spearow Hidden Village, which is rare. When this happens, the ritual usually kills the person.  But for you, it didn’t. You must be very special!” Tania reasoned.

“Wait, does this mean that I am your apprentice for the battle to become a leader?” questioned Galahad.

“Oh, I had never thought about that. That is only by choice, besides for me. If you want to you can, but I do not see a point if you do not want to be in the Spearow in the first place,” Tania explained.

“Oh that’s true; however, it does sound fun.”

“I will not go into any detail about the training, but Morana was right. It was grueling and not fun. Trust me, if you want to do it, you have to be overly committed to it. Anyways, we should go, we do not want to stay in one place for too long,” Tania explained, packing the equipment.

“Where are we going anyway?” Galahad asked.

“Most probably to the third kingdom of Viprin now. I want to see how it is going and I might have a friend there.”

“Off we go then,” Galahad said, and off they went on their path to Viprin.

2:00 PM | Outskirts Of Viprin | Kingdom of Viprin

Tania and Galahad were tired and needed to rest. However, since entering Viprin, they had to be on very high alert from the guards. If they were to rest, the patrollers were going to catch them and since they had avoided the actual entry gate, they would be caught and sent to prison. Viprin was the strongest and most royal kingdom of them all with very high military standards. However, some argue that since Rhinestone had Uthgar, they were the strongest. Others said it wasn’t even a question that Tarsingston was the strongest because they wielded the Crystal of Chaos. However, without the magic to activate it, they were the weaker of the three.

Tania’s crossbow was called Black String. It was light and did not cumber her – which was helpful to her style of stealth and speed. However, she had all of the tents and materials for their journey, and she was not used to all of the weight. Galahad, on the other hand, was tired just from the long walk. Eventually, after a couple more hours, they sat down to rest. Galahad was panting and Tania’s legs were sore.

“I have never felt this tired before; I thought I would never get tired because I am dead,” Tania complained.

“Well, I am not dead, so I do not think it works the same for me. Too much walking and my legs hurt,” Galahad complained as well.

In the near distance, they saw knights on horses come riding by.

“Uh oh, those are the patrollers, what bad timing. Take cover, quickly,” Tania told Galahad, ducking their head behind a bush.

The strut of horses became loud and clear as the knights passed by. Unfortunately, Galahad was not the smartest and he left his small bag out in the open. The knights came to a stop and examined the bag.

“Well well well, what do we have here. Troy, mind smelling this for me?” the knight smirked, bringing the bag up to the horse’s nose.


The horses started to go crazy and a swarm of vultures suddenly appeared, circling the knights.

What the devil!” the knights screamed.

They tried to fend them off but they got overwhelmed. Eventually, the vultures were able to get to the skin and left the guards eaten to the bone. The swarm dispersed, leaving a pile of bones on the very spot the bag was left. Tania glanced at Galahad, but his emotion had completely changed. His eyes were black and his hands were up with some black field of power pulsing through his hands.

“Galahad! Snap out of it!” Tania screamed, joggling Galahad back and forth.

Suddenly, Galahad collapsed on the ground. Tania rushed over him and started to chant.

“M’or d’me got d’ker rwa fort, showa uo’k fa do’rme!”

Galahad let out a large gasp and he laid up. He looked around, puzzled, but got back to his senses and put his hand on his head.

“Wha- what just happened?” Galahad wondered.

“I don’t know – but are you feeling very light, as if you weigh nothing?” Tania questioned, glaring with sudden intensity.

“No, no I do not. I, uh, feel the same,” Galahad groaned.

He was able to get up and walk around, unsure of what just happened. Tania was more scared than confused, and she made sure to have her crossbow ready.

“I am fine Tania, you do not have to worry,” Galahad stated, out of the blue.

“Did.. you just read my mind?”

Now Tania was freaking out, as she knew that that was the power of the special dead only. However, Tania trusted Galahad and rested her crossbow back in her belt.

“I guess so. That was weird, something came over me and a sudden surge of power hit me. I think I am fine now, or at least I hope. I think we should go,” Galahad said, making his way back to the bag and bones.

As Tania and Galahad got back on the road to Viprin, a bush behind them began to rustle. Galahad turned around, but he figured that it was just the wind. They continued on their path until they got stopped at the gates. The gates were massive and built out of tungsten.

“What is your business here?” a guard grunted.

“A visit, to a friend,” Tania answered.

The two guards looked at each other and nodded, then proceeded to let Tania and Galahad in through the gates. When they entered, they saw a colossal kingdom with large buildings on each side. Directly in front of them was a towering castle building that cut into the clouds. Tania described the man they were meeting as a royal king, who loved to style with expensive robes and large swords.

“Welcome to Viprin!” shouted an innkeeper settled near the gates.

3:00 PM | Viprin Market | Kingdom of Viprin

Kingdoms are divided into many sections. Viprin in particular is split into three. There is the market, barracks, and housing. Tania and Galahad were nearing the housing section when Tania stopped dead in her tracks.

“That house, it seems familiar.”

Galahad turned to his side only to be met by a mighty building with metal gates bordering it. No light was projected from the house, and the aura felt eerie.

“Are you sure this is the house?” Galahad questioned.

“Mhm, one hundred percent sure. Come now, we have nothing to lose.”

They made their way in through the gate, ravens staring as they traversed towards the door. Suddenly, Galahad tripped a tripwire, and an arrow shot right at Tania. Tania looked down at the arrow that had just pierced her chest and giggled.

“That tickled! Thank god it was not you Galahad, not that I cared anyway,” Tania chuckled, rolling her eyes as her cheeks flushed pink.

“I do not trust this place in the slightest,” Galahad stated, ignoring Tania. “What if something bad happens to us- AHH!”

Galahad let out a screech as he stepped on another booby trap and got flipped upside down, trapped in a net.

“The irony! Looks like you are caught in a net. I will talk to him alone if that’s okay with you,” Tania said.

She continued carelessly until she reached the door. When she turned the handle, a loud chime went off, alerting the house owner and anyone nearby. People that were walking by stopped and glared towards Tania as if she made a grave mistake. The people started to clear away from the house and some just stood and watched as if something crazy was about to happen.

“Who goes there?” Someone bellowed.

“Arkand, open up. I know you are in there,” Tania answered.

“Hrr, come in.” the man said, opening the door.

“So are you just going to leave without me?” Galahad screamed.

“Arkand will let you off later. Hang tight.”

“Haha, very funny,” Galahad responded with a straight face.

Tania and the man walked into the house and the door slammed shut.