Meet the FHS Student Council


Whether you are a freshman or even a senior, you might start the school year looking a little like a deer in headlights. For various reasons as a student coming into a new school year, we are simply looking to get through the first few weeks so we can get our “sea legs”. But what do we do in the meantime? For some students athletics is the road to take, while some might focus deeper on their academics. There are also those that look into clubs to join. Going into the 2022-2023 school year, freshmen and upperclassmen were introduced to many different clubs via the activity fair. There were many clubs that attended the fair, such as Student Council, Drama Club, Boro Fights Cancer, Peer Alliance Club, and more. 

One in particular that this Colonial writer is a part of is Student Council. Run by Ms. Reenstra and Ms. Hallihan, Student Council is a group that helps set up different events – such as Battle of the Classes and even the homecoming dance. It holds meetings once every month in C106. The Student Council consists of the Executive Board, Class Advisors, and the Supervisors of the Club. 

Each class has one advisor. This year the advisors are Ms. Strafer, Ms. Hanscom, Ms. Pusz, and Ms. Whelan. Ms. Strafer is the advisor to the freshman class, while sophomores have Ms. Hanscom. Ms. Pusz advises the juniors, and the seniors get Ms. Whelan. 

The Student Council Executive Board consists of four people, each filling one of three roles. There is President Faija Haider, Vice President Zachary Berger, and Social Media Advisors Sophie D’Antonio and Joe Berryman. The Board members all have one thing in common: we all love Freehold High School and want it to be the best school in the district!

So let’s get to know the Student Council Executive Board. First, President Faija Haider. She is a 16 year old senior. She was born and raised in a different country, till she moved here at age 10. A fun fact, English is her fifth language. Faija started the Sports Medicine Club with the help of the athletic director, trainer, and Social Media Advisor Sophie D’Antonio. Last but not least, Faija plays two different sports. 

Then there is Zachary Berger, Vice President of Student Council. Zachary is a junior in the Culinary Arts magnet program. He likes to play Xbox and talk basketball. Whenever you see Zachary in the halls, he is someone you should feel comfortable going up to for help. Besides StuCo, Zack is a part of Boro Fights Cancer, the school newspaper, and SkillsUSA. 

Social Media Advisors are Sophie D’Antonio and Joe Berryman. Sophie is a senior and a member of numerous clubs. She belongs to NHS, MUN, Boro Fights Cancer, Student Council, Newspaper, SkillsUSA, LFD, and the Sports Medicine Club that she along with Faija Haider, helped create. A fun fact about Sophie is that she is a triplet. She has a brother Alex, and a sister Elizabeth.  

Joe Berryman is a senior as well. He is captain of the wrestling team here at Freehold Boro, and made Boro history last year as one of the three first wrestling state qualifiers since 1965. He is a part of many clubs beyond that, namely YAG, MUN, NHS, Boro Fights Cancer, and of course Student Council.  

So now you know who a few members of the Student Council board are… but you’re probably asking yourself, ‘why be a part of Student Council? Who cares at all, anyway?’ Well, a great benefit of Student Council is that you gain useful experience. Believe it or not, a lot of the organizing and event planning you do with student council are things you will encounter many times throughout college and whatever career you choose in the future. Planning and contributing to what, you might ask? How about homecoming, for starters! How about BOTC! How about being a part of a team that wants to make our high school the best in the district? Student Council meets every week on Wednesday at lunch. We’ll be waiting for you! If you can’t make the meeting, come say hello during the day. Join us in helping Freehold Boro become the BEST high school it can be!