Introducing the Homecoming Court!


Original photograph courtesy of Sophia DAntonio

The group of seniors who are in the running for Homecoming Royalty were originally nominated by a teacher and/or coach. The large list of seniors was put into a google form that was sent to each class’ Google Classroom page. From there students in all grades were able to vote using the form during blocks 1-4 on October 4th. 

This vote by the students was tallied up and announced at the end of the day on that Tuesday. The vote resulted in 7 boys and 5 girls being chosen to be a part of the Homecoming Court. This group of students will get the experience of riding in cars through town during the Homecoming parade, and will sit in the endzone of the football field before being announced at halftime. Each member of the court will have their name, as well as a short personal bio, read over the loudspeaker before the cheerleading team and the marching band have their performances. 

At night toward the end of the Homecoming dance, the Homecoming Royalty, chosen by the original court vote, will be announced. The two students who received the most votes will be the Homecoming royalty. After that is announced, there will also be an announcement of who on the court was voted to be the Congenial Colonials. These students were voted by other members of the court for this honor because they represent Freehold Boro well, and are kind to all of those around them.