Your Guide to Getting Into NHS


Photo by Joel Muniz via Unsplash

The National Honor Society (NHS) provides schools with a values-based framework to elevate a culture of scholarship, service, leadership, and character. Because of these high expectations, the application process is tedious. NHS expects applicants to carry these values within them, with especial focus around serving the community. 

Students are required to complete a specified amount of hours of community service as a requirement for applying to NHS. Many local non-profit organizations provide opportunities for students to participate in community service through organized events. Such locations can be food pantries, soup kitchens, boys’ and girls’ clubs, habitat for humanity or even low-income daycare centers. Students can also reach out to religious institutions that they belong to for ways to volunteer within their community. Additionally, many local government offices such as police stations, firehouses, and municipal facilities also provide opportunities for engagement. And these are just some! Opportunities are always available; you just have to reach out. 

The best advice to get into NHS is to do everything early! Procrastination will be your worst enemy. As they say, the early bird gets the worm. Get the contracts signed and the recommendations done. Be sure to be on top of schoolwork because GPA matters. Try to also accumulate as many hours as possible. This will make you stand out and have a better chance of being accepted. Lastly, be reliable and honest. Reliability is important; NHS wants members that they can trust and that proudly represent them!