Hurricane Ian Across the Country


Photo by Johannes Plenio via Pexels

By Layla Haddad, Staff Writer

On September 28, 2022, a Category 4 hurricane swept across the southeast United States. It now holds the title for the fifth largest hurricane that has hit the U.S. Its highest recorded wind speed was around 150 miles per hour, making it not far from a Category 5 hurricane.

Fort Myers Beach, a coastal city on a barrier island in Florida, was one of the towns that got hit the hardest. Ian has been one of Florida’s deadliest hurricanes since 1935. Millions were urged to evacuate and many did. Those who chose to ride it out did not have an easy time. According to the New York Times, “the storm was blamed by state and county officials for at least 119 deaths.” For most of the deaths accounted for, the majority were over the age of 65 due to Florida being a popular place of retirement.

Around the Fort Myers area, officials say that more than 5,000 homes were destroyed and 27,000 were damaged with losses adding up to about $6 billion dollars. The FEMA, or Federal Emergency Management Agency, provided $327 million for relief to those in need. Thankfully, the worst New Jersey saw was a week of rain. Our thoughts and prayers are with those that suffered the harshest effects of this disastrous hurricane.