Back to School Tips!


Image by Pixabay via Pexels

For most students this year, many will be experiencing their first year of high school fully returned to normalcy. Students often get overwhelmed and sometimes feel all alone when faced with so much work. Many teens feel depressed and unable to control anything. According to Yale Medicine, “an estimated 3.2 percent of American children and adolescents have diagnosed depression.” Many more teens are undiagnosed, but still face the same problem.  Instead of worrying and feeling isolated, though, here are some tips to help you get back to school! 

Many students struggle with remembering to do their work. They just hope their brain will remember and leave their work for the worst time possible. One app to help combat this is Todoist. This app is available for free on Android, IOS, and desktop computers. Even if the app is just meant for homework, you can use it however it suits you. If you work outside of school or have extra work to study for, this app does it all! 

Another activity that may be able to help you is sports or anything remotely interesting to take your mind off the world. Find a good hobby, just take up something that can take up time but also be distracting. Getting yourself out of a stressful environment can greatly increase your mental health and give you the patience you need to complete the task at hand. The Odyssey Online recommends “[getting] yourself out of the environment that got you stressed in the first place. Whether it means leaving your dorm or taking a break from the library, change where you are to get your mind in a better place.”

This year doesn’t have to be a struggle for students. Many students can finally have the tools to excel in school.  This year let’s all be academic weapons. Let’s go Boro!