Hole in the Wall

Image by Kylie Patmore

Image by Kylie Patmore


I don’t know what to do anymore.

I’m scared.

Today I walked through town. People wouldn’t look at me. Parents would shun their kids’ eyes. I can’t shake the feeling of being watched. 

Mr. Ulinski asked me about you today. Asked if I had been in contact with you. He wouldn’t meet my eyes. I told him that I wished I was because I didn’t have the heart to tell him that you’re more than likely dead. 

So then who took the first letter? Was it you, Reg? Are you alive? Send me a sign, please. I miss you.

If it wasn’t you who took the first letter, then I would hope it were a squirrel or a raccoon. It would be embarrassing if some Elementary School kid read that. Imagine? I don’t think I want to, haha!

I think I might be going crazy, Reg. 

If you’re out there… please. Send a sign. Let us know you’re alive?

We all miss you.