A Review of @boro.photography’s Fall Picture Tournament!


Photo Courtesy of Kylie Patmore

This past November, I had an idea that I wasn’t sure would work or not. So after a bit of asking around for others’ opinons, myself and the other admins of @boro.photography decided to have a tournament for the favorite picture of the fall 2022 sports season.

So, we got to planning! It took a bit to determine the rules and set up the brackets, but it began!

Athletes from the Fall 2022 season could submit their pictures to be entered into the tournament. In order to submit the picture, they had to DM us on our account and send us their picture, name, school email, and what team they were submitting for if it wasn’t obvious in the picture. The other rules were written out in our post about the tournament.

We decided to release the tournament and its information after posting our last game of the Fall 2022 season, the girls’ volleyball game against Trinity Hall. From there, people began to submit their pictures to us, and we eventually filled 32 spots and started to run the tournament. In total, there were 10 football, 2 cheer, 6 band, 2 boys soccer, 5 girls soccer, 2 field hockey, 1 volleyball, and 4 bleachers/sports medicine submissions.

In the finals were Alex D’Antonio from football and Matt Somar from bleachers/sports medicine. But, the winner ended up being Alex D’Antonio, one of our senior wide receivers and line backers. As the winner of the tournament, he received his own post with the picture, is now our profile picture up until the second week of December, and a @boro.photography shirt.

We admins are looking forward to doing more tournaments for the next seasons and are beyond thankful for all those who participated in voting!

Update! Because of this tournament, we gained close to 30 new followers from people sharing the stories and promoting our page – thank you!