NFL in the Midst of a Pandemic


Photo Courtesy of Dave Adamson via Unspalsh (a free photo sharing site)

Since the start of the Global pandemic many athletes and fans questioned if they would ever get their Football Sunday’s back. NFL football is the highlight of many peoples weekends and even week nights. However, we are now into the 11th week of the 2020 NFL season and new reports about injuries and positive COVID-19 tests are coming in every day. Not only are there new updates on athletes daily, but we also have seen some very shocking rankings of the teams.

  • The Carolina Panthers quarterback Teddy Bridgewater is now questionable, while he recovers from an MCL sprain in his right knee.
  • The Chicago Bears quarterback Mitchell Trubisky has missed the last two games due to an unspecified right shoulder injury, along with their backup quarterback Nick Foles’ due to his hip/glute injury.
  • The Las Vegas Raiders have many players placed on the reserved COVID-19 list such as: Kendal Vickers, Arden Key, Isaiah Johnson, Jonathan hankins, Maliek Collins, and Johnatahn Abram.
  • The New Orleans Saints quarterback; Drew Brees faces multiple fractured ribs along with a collapsed lung. Reporters say he will miss at least two weeks of practice and games.
  • The New York Jets Sam Darnold is out due to a shoulder injury but claims that he is “very confident” and will retake the field before the end of 2020 NFL season.

A common thread seems to be that many of these injuries are caused from the lack of pre-season practice that the players had due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Moving along from injuries, we now start to see a downfall on teams rankings as the season progresses.

  • The Pittsburgh Steelers just keep on winning their games with the record of (9-0).
  • The Superbowl champions Kansas City Chiefs with the record of (8-1-0).
  • With Drew Brees’ injury with the Saints are unsure how the rest of the season is going to continue with a (7-2-0) record with the same as the Green Bay Packers.
  • The superbowl champions from 2018, the Philadelphia Eagles, are struggling with a record of (3-5-1).
  • America’s football team the Dallas Cowboys continue onto week 11 with a (2-7-0).
  • As shocking as it is, the last place team of the 2020 NFL season is the New York Jets with a record of (0-9).

If these teams continue to follow COVID-19 safety guidelines we hope to see the season continue until the superbowl which will take place at Raymond James Stadium, located in Tampa Florida.