Must-Have Electives for Next Year’s Schedule


Image by Emilee Bowers

Over my 4 years at Freehold High School, I have taken various electives focusing on different subjects. Some of these electives included Drama, French, and Digital Business Tools. Those are only a few of the classes I have taken, but there are 4 that I truly loved: Child Development, Psychology, Peer Leadership, and Criminology and Law. These classes interested me so much for so many different reasons, and everyone should take these classes before they graduate. 

  1. Child Development: My junior year I took Child Development 1 and this year as a senior I chose to take Child Development 2. This class focuses a lot on children and how they develop and learning how to care for them properly. You complete many different projects and even sew your own baby to carry around for a week to simulate parenthood. When you move to Child Development 2, you get to work with the special needs kids and teach them lessons! I love this class so much because I love to work with kids and learning all about them, and this class most definitely prepares you for that. If you love kids and want to work with them in the future, this class is the perfect prep for you. 
  2. AP Psychology: My senior year I decided to take AP Psychology, and so far I have absolutely fallen in love with this class. If you are interested in psychology and the brain, this class is for you. You learn so many interesting things about the way you process things, your memory, how you see, and so much more. There are so many different experiments we do in this class to improve our learning and get hands-on experience. 
  3. Peer Leadership: This is a class you are only able to take your senior year in high school, and there are so many benefits. It is such a fun class where you get to work with your classmates to improve the school community. You do various activities with the freshman, such as putting on a skit, to help them get acclimated to Freehold Boro and feel welcomed as the new kids to school. You also get to participate in many different team-bonding activities, like a ropes course and unity day, to really connect with your classmates to improve the group’s chemistry. I would definitely recommend this class to anyone that is able to take it, because it is one of the most beneficial classes I have taken.
  4. Criminology and Law: If you are very interested in pursuing a career in the crime field, or even if you aren’t, I highly recommend taking this class. This class is very interesting because you get to learn all about different crimes, the law, and the jobs you can get in this field. Even though I do not plan on pursuing a career in criminology, this class interests me so much. Mr. Berra is also a great teacher and will make you laugh and incorporates many different projects and films into this class to learn more about criminology.