I’m a Sophomore. Should I Worry About College?


Image by Pixabay via Pexels

As a sophomore at Freehold High School, I haven’t been giving much thought to college. When I was a freshman my friends and family told me that I wouldn’t have to worry just keep an open mind to where I wanted to go.  Now as a sophomore, I’m being told that I have to look out for my career, and have already given thought to what job I want to do.  I’m being told to research if a certain degree is profitable or I will be stuck jobless with a certain degree.  this pressure along with school and other activities has me feeling extremely stressed.  My parents make it seem as if I’m going to be homeless if I pursue a degree that I want to do.  Teachers along with peers are telling me this is what they’re going to look out for in college when I’m handing in an assignment. So this begs the question, Should I be worried about College as a Sophomore? 

If you’re reading this article I’m assuming you want some assurance that you won’t have to worry about college as early as middle school. Many of us just want reassurance that we don’t have to worry about college as early as 13 years old. But the truth is some people worry as early as 6th grade in middle school. Of course, they are pushed by their parents or influenced by their peers to start worrying as early as 6th grade. But the truth is if you are worrying about college as early as middle school it’s likely not that you’re applying to a college, but rather building the foundation that leads into junior year(Of Highschool). In the end, it all comes down to preference  you can build a foundation as early as 6th grade but it takes a real toll on your mental health. You don’t get to enjoy things in life if all you are doing is stressing about an “ACCEPTED” status. The best place to start thinking about college is Freshman Year. As mycollegeguide.org states, “Your freshman year is a fresh start. This is when you can start to focus on your grades, extracurriculars, and other activities that will look good to college admission boards. This is also a good time to start taking courses that will prepare you for your future goals. If available, you can start taking honor classes or advanced placement classes. Choose electives and clubs that fit your interests and future goals. If you are thinking about taking an English or math major in college, join a literary or math club.” 

On the other hand as a sophomore, I have to start thinking about my career. On top of school contemplating my life is rough and makes me want to have a gypsy with a glass ball tell me everything is going to be fine. My peers and friends are already planning out what scholarships they are applying for along with their safety and reach colleges on their list. So should I be creating a list of colleges that interest me? Mindspire.com states, “Though it may seem early, sophomore year is a great time to begin considering potential colleges. You don’t have to worry about touring or the application process yet – rather, take this time to begin creating a list of colleges and universities that you want to learn more about. Have conversations with the people around you about their college experience and begin to envision yourself on a college campus living your best life. This is an excellent time to consider what you may like about a college. Would you prefer a smaller private school or a large public university? Would you rather stay in the state, or do you envision yourself spreading your wings in a faraway location?” These are questions I ask myself everyday when being told about college admissions.  sometimes I get concerned if I’m doing enough volunteer service or if my extracurriculars are good enough.  as much as I try contemplating I know I can’t decide my career as a 16-year-old in high school. So what I plan to do is to narrow the fields that I want to go in. I know I’m not going to become a professional truck driver so I won’t spend 6 weeks earning a certificate to drive across the country. As much as I try to narrow it down I’m still keeping an open mind because high schoolers tend to be more frivolous when it comes to decisions. it could do with the fact that they’re inspired by TV shows they’re currently watching or their parents but I try to still keep an open mind when it comes down to choosing. 

So if you are currently stressing about college while you are an underclassman, don’t!  you should only be concerned with what you want to do in life try and to narrow down the fields that you want to go into.  if you are doing volunteer service try and do something that interests your passion and not something that will appeal to an Admissions Board. Try taking classes that challenge you, And remember your mental health is important.  so if something isn’t working for you or something interesting you out take a break. Try talking to someone if it really isn’t working for you. But remember when junior years comes around, decisions must be made, so be ready.