What’s Next for Seniors?


Seniors are fighting off “Senioritis” and counting down the days until graduation. With AP Exams over with, Commitment Day in the past, and Prom tickets all bought, the Class of 2023 is in the homestretch.

The upcoming senior activities include, of course, the Prom, but also the senior class trip to Frog Bridge and many seniors looking forward to being exempt from final exams. Prom ticket sales occurred over three days with long lines stretching from the A Basement and up the ramp. Prom will be held June 9 at Addison Park in Aberdeen. Frog Bridge is a yearly tradition where the seniors get the run of the camp. There is a pool, soccer fields, basketball courts, wiffle ball, and food all day! Another plus to being a senior: students who earned an A- average in their classes over the year are exempt from their finals.

Good luck to all seniors in their plans for the upcoming years. Whether that be going to college, trade school, right to the workforce, or not having it quite figured out yet, there are so many opportunities for this class.