2020 Election Results & The Latest News

November 3rd: Election Day, possibly an American’s most important date to mark on the calendar. Voting has been in America’s history for a while now, but this year was one to make the books. The main reason being the use of mail-in ballots and the various other ways people were able to vote without coming into contact with anyone due to the current pandemic. Election results, unlike any we’ve gotten before, were announced a few days after the election date because of the ballot counting and the additional time required for mail-ins.

Overall, it was decided that Joe Biden and running mate Kamala Harris had won. For the next few days, Donald Trump had refused to concede. Trump claimed the election was rigged and filed multiple lawsuits on states for not being more transparent with the counting of ballots. This caused these states to recount their ballots, originally putting off full results (specifically in Georgia and North Carolina).

Skip ahead to now (November 18th, as writing this article). In Michigan’s Wayne County, an important event occurred on Tuesday (November 17th). This event put this small county in everyone’s sights, with two members of the Republican party implying that the votes were incorrect in Michigan and refused to certify that Biden had won the popular vote in Michigan (to simply put it). As for other states, This article (https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/gop-state-leaders-brush-off-idea-to-hand-trump-election-by-replacing-electors/ar-BB1b94zp?ocid=msedgntp) describes Pennsylvania’s, Georgia’s, Wisconsin’s, and Arizona’s representatives’ responses to the claim made in Wisconsin. Overall, the states have until December 8th to certify the results within their state – which will be the true end to this year’s election.

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