What’s In Your Water?


Image by Pixabay via Pexels

Water is a necessity for life. In general, a person can’t survive more than three days without water. Whether tap water, filtered water form your refrigerator, or bottled water – we must consume it to function. But certain waters hold more benefits than others. We as an American society are used to hearing and seeing the purified water labels. But what exactly are companies removing from the water to make it “purified”? 

Purified water has been mechanically filtered to remove impurities like bacteria and minerals like lead and copper until they can prove that overall impurity levels are below 10 parts per million. Spring water can also be well water, groundwater, or artesian water. Spring water may or may not undergo purification treatments before its distribution – but it is abundant in minerals which are completely removed from the bottled waters during the purification process. Spring water tends to have a smoother and lighter taste, which might seem different to people who aren’t used to drinking it. There are multiple websites and apps that tell you where to find springs nearby – for example, FindASpring.com.  On the other hand, purified water is much cheaper than spring water. 

Both types of water have been FDA approved; nowadays, it is up to personal preference which is better. Some believe the minerals help your body but may have higher ppm levels. Either way, it is up to personal preference and the availability to you.