Diet Culture Affecting Teens


Image by Min An via Pexels

Diet, lifestyle, no matter what way you put it, it means the same thing. Diets are becoming increasingly more prevalent in youth, as are eating disorders. Only drinking juice for five days, or even eating nothing at all are now considered “normal” things to do.

Kids are growing up in a world where they are taught to do certain things and look certain ways. They are taught that in order to be popular enough, loved enough, or even for them to love themselves they have to keep this “picture perfect” appearance. That they have to look like the models in magazines, but what most don’t realize is that it is so much more.

Your worth is not dependent on how much you weigh, your worth is dependent on how much you love and how big your heart is. You can lose 5 sizes off of your pants or gain 5 sizes and either way you will still feel the same about yourself. It’s not about the weight, diet, exercise, or size of your clothes- but the way you view yourself.

The only way you can truly love yourself is not by going on a diet and exercise rampage but to truly take care and love yourself for who you are. There is only one of you in this world, be proud of who you are, the person you’ve become, and the person you are going to be.