Senior Feature: Ozichi Chinedu


By Sage Fusco, Editor

Ozichi is currently doing her senior year via the remote model.

What do you miss about school right now?

Being with friends and being able to see teachers in person

What are you doing to normalize your senior year? How have you been getting involved or keeping in touch?

I run track and cross country so I get to see my teammates that I’ve been with since freshman year in person and we also all keep in touch online.

What’s next for you? (college, vocational, job, military, etc?) Where do you think you’ll be in 5 years?

College! I plan on becoming a pre-law major. My goal is to become a technology lawyer which is an attorney that deals with clients who produce or manage tech products. Companies like Dell, Google, etc. So I’d have a background in computer science as well as law. My end goal is to produce an all black-female firm filled with like minded individuals who often underrepresented by society, but are determined to make the world a better place in male dominated fields like STEM.