Kate Garrity: Life of a Student Athlete


Photo by Markus Spiske via Pexels

One thing that’s on every high school freshman’s mind is sports. Whether you are on a sports team, are thinking about joining one, or you just enjoy watching from the stands, sports definitely hold some importance in everybody’s life.

Today we’re taking an inside look into one of Freehold Boro’s soccer players, Kate Garrity. Kate has been playing soccer since she was 5, when her mother encouraged her to join. Little did she know she would take her childhood activity so far. 

In fourth grade Kate made the Manalapan 07 Girls’ B team, and from then on her love for soccer only grew. She made connections, not only in her passes, but with her teammates. Going into freshman year, she switched to Holmdel Chastain, where she still currently plays. 

After her Freshman year soccer season ended, Kate found herself falling out of love with the sport she’d enjoyed for so long. It wasn’t until the 2022 pre-season that Kate’s mind returned to soccer.

Kate’s Highschool soccer season always gave her something to look forward to. Even though summer was ending, it only meant the season was starting, which was always something to be excited about. Kate says the program is very welcoming and cites the warm, loving environment as a key reason for her continued participation.

While she admits that pre-season and morning workouts are challenging, and that every season has its ups and downs, sports like soccer give everyone something to work for, unbreakable bonds, and endless happy memories. If you are bored and need something to do it’s never too late to join a sport!