Fighting Colonials: Jackson and Township Recaps


Snapshot of the cross-town rival game between the Freehold Colonials and Township Patriots

By Jessica Aziz, Staff Writer

The pandemic has changed the lives of many high school students, among them being student athletes. But here, at Freehold Boro High School, there is one thing we can say for sure that has stayed the same: our outstanding records in football the past years. Although the season hasn’t come to an end yet, it is important to recognize the highlights of the past few games:

With a score of 20-19, Freehold Boro was a breath away from losing to Jackson Memorial. However, we won victoriously– thanks to the efforts of our talented varsity athletes. Being the first game of the season, it was really important for the players to bring it home. A total of 3 TDs were played by Ka’more Gill and his teammate Ya-Sin Calhoun. Being the first game of the season, it is fair to say the players have contributed to a very well-played event. 

September 10th: Boro pride didn’t just rally up in the bleachers, but in the hallways of Freehold High School as well– hours before the game. Almost every classroom was filled with students wearing Boro merch to show their support and hype. Ecstatic fans were not disappointed by the performance of the varsity football team that night: the Colonials took home a major victory against their cross-town rivals (the Freehold Township Patriots) coming in at a score of 41-12. Leading to this win, Yah-Sin Calhoun and Ka’more Gill proved to be the star players of this highly anticipated game; with 19 rushes, Ka’more Gill scored 3 TDs and covered 189 yards, and Yah-Sin Calhoun ended the game with 2 TDs within a span of 78 yards. To say the least, this rival game was all the talk on Monday morning at Boro. 

As far as we can see, our football team has had a successful season; two more games are approaching. Hoping to make the 5-2 record, the varsity team is putting in hard work to come out on Top 16 in order to enter play-offs. 

Show your Boro pride and support– we can be sure that the Freehold High School football team will dominate the remainder of the season.