Are You Really A New York Jets SuperFan?


Photo Courtesy of Claudia Ray

As the NFL season progresses many fans are starting to become more doubtful every week of their favorite team. Growing up in a home where both of my parents are Jets fans along with myself, we see many disappointments more than we would like to. Due to this, I decided to interview my parents just to see how much of a real New York Jets fan they are. 

1. How do you feel about new Head Coach Robert Saleh? Do you feel like he can take the Jets to the playoffs with a possible victory at the Super Bowl?

Mom: ”I like him, I think he is a good coach. I think he has a lot of pressure and people want him to be a savior in his first season. However, I believe he needs to do better with time management.”
Dad: “I like him as a coach. I think he comes from a strong background. He needs to have more confidence in himself and his decision making needs to be elevated.”

2. Since you have been a Jets fan who has been the best head coach and why?

Mom: “Rex Ryan, he took them to 2 AFC championships and invigorated the fan base.”
Dad: “I think that the best coach was Bill Parcells. He restructured the entire Jets organization and mindset. He also put together a team that lost the divisional round. He brought together a team of veterans who would know how to play together.”

3. How do you feel about the other team in New York? The giants. Do you think their fans are arrogant towards Jet fans? 

Mom: “I do not like the Giants. The jets are second class citizens to them and their fans are arrogant about the history of their franchise. I do think the older fans are not as arrogant as the younger fans. However, as Jets fans you can not blame the team’s lack of success.”
Dad: “I think the Giants organization has a great history. They know how to run an organization, But, I do not think the fan base knows how to deal with failure. As a result they do not know the meaning of the long suffering Jets fan.”

4. How do you feel about the Williams brothers? Can you see them being major contributors for the Jets for years to come?

Mom: “Of course, when I found out that their mother died as a mother myself I had a soft spot for them. I do think they can be contributors. However, they need to learn how to handle themselves, and if they are going to do this job they need to accept all elements of it, examples include talking to the press and handling themselves better.” Dad: “I think they are both extremely talented young players who came to be part of the long term and they need to understand they are no longer rookies, and as young players come to the organization and New York they will be leaders for those who need directions and lack leadership.”

5. What is the best Jets game you have been to? 

Mom: “Obviously the Mike White game was unbelievable, the excitement, the comradery that was unbelievable. The other game was when I went down to Charlotte, to see people rooting fro your team in another state to know that there are people all over the country who live and die with you every weekend. I also liked the game where they beat the Raiders.”
Dad: “I would have to say the best game I’ve ever been to was the Bengals game. It was led by an unknown QB, who we had no expectation to deliver a comeback win with.”

6. What has been the worst Jets game you have been to?

Mom: “The Miami game in 2018. It was hot and the jets lost.
Dad: “The worst game I was ever at was when the Jets played the Broncos and Peyton Manning in MetLife Stadium.”

7. Last year we saw the Patriots miss the playoffs for the first time in over a decade, do you finally think that the Patriots Dynasty has ended?

Mom: “No, you can never rule out Bill Belichick. He seems to have made a deal with the devil. He is one of the greatest football coaches ever.”
Dad: “No, I do not think the dynasty was over. Since 2003 Bill Belichick has proven that he can continue to win with the other QBs during the time of Tom Brady’s injuries.