Ice Hockey Goalie Star: Anthony Guglieri


Hockey is a mental game: It involves thinking behind every move and every play.

“Hockey is 90% of a mental game, so if you’re prepared mentally you’re 90% there already”, says the Colonial Varsity Ice Hockey team’s goalie on the mental aspects of playing. 

This past week, I had the pleasure of interviewing Anthony Guglieri, a senior here at Freehold High School. Member of the culinary program, number 31 plays as goalie on our Colonial Varsity Ice Hockey Team. With offers from Pace University and Penn State for college, Guglieri continues to drive for success each time he steps on the ice. As one of our Captains, he stars on the ice at every game as he heads to the box and prepares for the game. His energy radiates through his overall support for his team mates as they take the ice. After having seen him in action, he is not one to be messed with in the arena. Anthony’s focus, drive, and skill are one to match as he blocks the puck and the opposing team.

Anthony first got into hockey through his dad and his cousin, specifically after watching Rangers games with his Dad when he was little. His Dad, being his major inspiration, continued to push him to play. He recalled times where he didn’t want to go to practice, but his dad would say, “No you’re going to practice” and he stated that it has developed him into a person who loves to go to hockey and meet with his goalie trainer.

Guglieri’s favorite part of being on the team is the family atmosphere that allowed for him to form a bond with his teammates. He informed me that last year was tough due to Covid. Their normal dinners and after game activities disappeared and being quarantined away from his team made it hard for him as well. Thoughts of quitting due to him being in quarantine frequently came to mind, but he said, “Covid’s temporary, it’s not a forever thing” and so, he stuck with it. As he started his senior season, he commented on how good it feels to hear the noise of the crowd again this year and being able to see the fans in the bleachers.

As we continued more into the interview, I asked Anthony about any of his pre-game rituals and he smirked as he responded. He informed me that he will sit in his room for thirty minutes, in complete silence, and stretch. At first I was very confused as to why this was so rigorous. But, he let me in on some insider information about Hockey that was previously mentioned at the beginning of this article, “Hockey is 90% of a mental game, so if you’re prepared mentally you’re 90% there already.” Number 31 stated that this time allows for concentration and getting in the right mindset. He did mention that as they warm up on the ice, he will do laps around the rink listening to his favorite artist, Eminem. Specifically, “Lose Yourself”.

As I closed this interview, I asked him if he had any advice to anyone in the rink or outside of it. He said to me, “If you want to stop, stop, think again.” He related it back to his ideas of quitting hockey last year and how he later realized that it wouldn’t be worth it to just up and leave when this would be over soon. He also told me, “Whatever opportunities you get, take upon, don’t shy them away because you never know if you’ll get this opportunity again.”