Senior Feature: Abbey Cowles


Abbey is committed to University of Maryland Baltimore County for D1 women’s soccer and will be enrolling in their cyber security program.

What do you miss about school right now?

I mostly miss seeing my friends everyday. It feels weird to see their faces and not be able to exchange glances with them at different times during class. I also miss my teachers from previous years that I’d visit “just because”.

What are you doing to normalize your senior year? How have you been getting involved or keeping in touch?

I’m playing soccer for the school and I’ve joined some clubs. Although a google meet does not do justice, at least it mimics having to stay after school to attend a meeting. I’ve been keeping in touch with my friends by social media or sometimes we just hang out at a restaurant or at someones house.

Where do you think you’ll be in 5 years?

I will hopefully be graduating college and finding a job somewhere in the cyber security field.