What Advice Do You Have for Younger Generations?


As the older sibling of a younger Gen Z and a Gen Alpha, I can tell you there are great differences between our upbringings. I was lucky enough to grow up without too much technology, exploring the new landscape as the years progressed. Nowadays, my siblings have intriguing, well-developed apps, games, and technological platforms. 

When I was in elementary school, we valued things like Silly Bandz, Loom bracelets, and Youtubers the most. My middle sister, age 10, explains that apps like TikTok and technology like Nintendo Switches are valued more. My youngest sister, age 3, seems to be more focused on L.O.L surprises and her tablet. It makes me feel old and makes me wonder when the landscape changed this much, but as much as we have improved our technology, we have also exposed the younger generation to more dangers.

Every day, there seem to be new technological dangers made public. Thus, I implore the younger generations to be careful with the people they have contact with on the internet and not to let the new, flashy technology consume them too much because before they know it, their childhood has passed and new responsibilities arise. Take time to enjoy your childhood and the company of those around you before it’s too late.