Reflection on the School Year


Image by Chris Montgomery via Upsplash, a free photo sharing site

This year, students all over the country were forced to make a tough decision regarding their education. Should they learn from home and miss out on crucial social settings like seeing their friends, or learn in school and risk increasing their exposure to COVID-19? Ultimately, the majority of students decided to take a chance and return to in-person learning for multiple reasons. Factors such as mental health, the fact that no student learns the same way, and the desire for a normal school year are some of the key components that helped students make a decision. 

As I walked through the doors on my first day back in the building, emotions like fear and excitement were the only things I felt. I was ready to be back with my friends, and make real connections with my teachers, but I was also nervous to see what measures would be taken in regards to COVID precautions. Between the enforcement of masks being worn and multiple opportunities to wipe down my desk, I felt very safe and the thought of possibly getting coronavirus never crossed my mind. Not only was it academically reassuring to be in a classroom instead of my bedroom, but having conversations with teachers in person rather than through a screen was something I had missed during remote learning. One of the only downsides to being back in the building was how empty it felt. Since many students opted not to return to in-person classes, and the fact that the student body was split into two cohorts, I found myself longing for my friends and questioning whether being back in school but feeling like something was missing was worth the risk. 

Overall, there were very few negative aspects of learning in school because the faculty were very prepared for the return of the students. On behalf of the entire Freehold High School student body, thank you for providing students with a sense of normalcy during such

unprecedented times. Although this year was incredibly unpredictable, knowing that we could rely on our teachers for guidance and support both in and out of the classroom was incredibly reassuring and helped motivate us to try our best, no matter how difficult the school year was. We cannot thank you enough for all that you have done, and we are so excited to see you next year!