Student Feature: Dani Pont


K: Good Afternoon Dani! Tell me about yourself.
D; Hi, I’m Dani Pont. I’m a junior at Freehold High School. I am a staff member of “The Colonial”, a Boro Fights Cancer member, and a part of student council. I have two dogs and I love to hang out with my friends.

K: Boro is full of fun and learning. What is your favorite part about being a student here?
D: My favorite part about being a student at Freehold Borough is how accepting and kind everyone is and how I make so many memories with my best friends everyday.

K: I know you came to Boro from Marlboro Middle School. What was it like coming to a new school in a different town freshman year?
D: Coming from Marlboro I was definitely scared because a lot of the people, especially in my grade all knew each other in middle school. Also, Marlboro was a lot smaller of a school then Boro. Going into a big school not really knowing anyone was definitely nerve racking. I didn’t know the layout of the school which was scary but everyone was really nice and as the year went on I met some of my best friends and was no longer scared, and had a really great year.

K: Aside from the new friends you met off the bat freshman year, what class do you feel really helped you adjust to Boro?
D: I think the class that made me realize that, like, I’m going to have a great High School experience was my freshman year Spanish class with Ms. Donovan, who was a great teacher and role model. Also, one of my first friends, Claudia Ray was in that class with me and I’m still really close with her today. Spanish was just easy for me so it was comforting to have a class where I felt confident.

K: How do you feel about how Boro handled Covid?
D: Overall, Boro did a good job, especially considering they had to follow the district’s guidelines, but at the same time I feel lunch needs a little improvement. I feel like in every class and in the hallways they’re really strict with masks and spacing us out and just social distancing, but then for lunch, the whole school is kind of shoved into a few small locations so it seems kind of counterproductive.

K: Why did you originally join the newspaper?
D: I joined because I really just wanted to get some more opportunities to be creative with my writing and it was a really fun way to get more involved. Also, I like being able to write about things I am passionate about. 

K: Any closing thoughts before ending this interview?
D: Thank you for interviewing me Kate! This was so fun and I hope that we can discuss more about Boro in the future.