Should Schools Stay Open After Positive Covid Cases?

Photo by Eduard Figueres via Unsplash

Photo Courtesy of Getty Images/iStockphoto

Photo by Eduard Figueres via Unsplash

My take on this topic is that schools should not be open. I, as a student, think that if a single case has come back positive, the following school should go virtual. Many may disagree, but the following reasons will hopefully persuade you.

I find that keeping the school open will put students and staff at risk. Nobody really knows where and what the student may have spread, therefore making it a risk to every student. As cases rise, schools should be closing down to prevent Covid from spreading at all.

With a first-hand look, I have seen many schools stay open while Covid is spreading. One of these schools unfortunately includes Freehold High School. where cases have continuously come back positive. As they keep on rising, the more vulnerable students are. Yet, the school says open.

Obviously switching from virtual to in-person once again can be difficult, however, health is the top priority in my eyes