The Importance of English Class


Photo by Charles Scott

English is a class students are required to take over the whole course of their time in school, but why is that? Being able to prove a solid point through your words is a very important skill in order to be successful in today’s world. With the ability to write a convincing paper or give a promising speech, you can reach out to others with a probable chance of receiving a response. For example, in order to achieve a goal such as getting a job or getting into a college you need to be able to stand out from the crowd by communicating why you’re the best option for them. This can apply to low stake situations as well such as convincing a friend to join a club or sports team with. The world runs off of people and having the ability to communicate well with others opens up a lot of opportunities. English allows us to properly communicate our wants and needs with our peers allowing us to have a full understanding of those around us. English is also helpful to grow your vocabulary and understanding of the English culture. English is taught for the entirety of one’s time in school as it will be used and applied in many situation for the rest of one’s lives.