The Beauty of Snow Days


Image by Kelly Sikkema via Unsplash

Snow days can be truly the best gift that any student could receive. The feeling of when your mom barges in at 5 AM to tell you to continue to sleep because “school’s canceled” is unmatchable. Snow days give you the opportunity to sleep longer and become completely at ease. The things you weren’t able to do the day before, you can do now! 

There are endless activities to participate in on snow days including baking, reading, and watching a movie! The ones that decide to play in the snow have the opportunity to make snowmen, igloos, or have snowball fights. You can even get some quality time with the family!

Snow days provide breaks not only for children but for parents too. It allows everything to simply just slow down and regroup. These days that we got off are extremely healthy and can even act like a mini-vacation. I personally love to sleep-in and wake up to a nice steamy cup of hot chocolate while being under the warmth of my blankets!