A Positive Note From The Editor


Photo by bel2000a via Unplash

The New Year seems to be the time to set new goals and improve as a person both mentally and physically. The countdown of a ginormous crystal ball seems to hold the power over anyone’s fate. But, I think these goals could be set for either the first or last of the month. If you do not follow your goal right when the clock strikes twelve, do not lose hope! One day does not determine your entire year. If your day does not go exactly as planned, start again the next day. The past nearly two years have taken a toll on each individual, so it is important to stay mindful and remember what makes you happy. I find that having something to look forward to or checking something off a list motivates me to be a more productive person. Whether it is drinking your morning coffee, making your bed, or holding the door for a stranger, no matter how small, as long as it makes you happy, it can help you improve your day to day life. Finding that one thing that makes you feel content during times of distress is important to maintain good mental health. My hopes for this new year are not for life to get back to what it was, but for it to be even better. Throughout all of this time, we have been able to learn from our mistakes and improve as a society. Here is to a New Year filled with positive changes and accomplishments.