Why Mindset Matters


Photo by Viktor Forgacs via Unsplash

What is mindset? According to Schools, AU, “A mindset is a series of self-perceptions or beliefs people hold about themselves. These determine behavior, outlook and mental attitude” (Reach Out). Mindset affects how we approach everyday challenges in our lives. Especially as a teenager, a healthy mindset can be hard to achieve for certain individuals. It is so important that we acknowledge, rather than ignore, the struggles of attaining a positive mindset. 

You may be asking yourself why mindset is so important. In my opinion, I think mindset is particularly important because it affects the way you see your life. A great example would be the concept of intelligence. If you have the mindset that you are capable and able to learn, you are more likely to want to achieve the educational goals that you set for yourself, because you believe you can do it. On the other hand, if you feel you are unintelligent and don’t think you will ever be able to learn certain skills, it can feel as though you’re working towards an unattainable goal. These thoughts can make you feel less motivated to try to achieve that goal. 

So what can we do? There is no cookie-cutter solution to this problem, but there are some great ways to start shifting to a positive mindset. It is important to learn from your mistakes and reflect on what you can do better next time. One setback does not mean it needs to be the end. Though, the biggest piece of advice I could give to help develop a positive mindset is to stop caring about what others think of you. Each person has unique goals and talents and it doesn’t matter what people around you think about how you conduct your life. It is YOUR life. Being confident in yourself and your goals is already half the battle!