The Wordle Craze!

An example of how ones Wordle stats may look like (image via Hanah Li)

An example of how one’s Wordle stats may look like (image via Hanah Li)

Wordle, a game created by UK developer Josh Wardle, has gained popularity across the globe. Originally, the game was created for his wife who likes word challenges. Taking inspiration from the New York Times’ word challenges, Wordle requires players to attempt to guess the word of the day in six or fewer tries. One must plug in any five-letter word, and when entered, different colored boxes will appear: black or grey tells the player that the letter is not in the word; yellow indicates that the letter is present, but not the right place; green means that the letter is both present and in the correct spot. Using these hints, the player has six tries to find the correct letter spots and figure out the day’s word. Wordle keeps track of participants’ stats, and they are able to share their progress through social media and/or text messages. Sharing your Wordle gives you a grid of green, yellow, and black (or white if your browser is in light-mode) box emojis. It will also show how many tries it took to guess the word (from 1/6 to 6/6 or X/6, if unsuccessful). 

Once you play Wordle, it becomes an addictive yet fun, daily challenge!