Is Change Good?

Credit: Eoneren via iStock Unplash

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Credit: Eoneren via iStock Unplash

Growing up as a current high school student, you witness not only yourself changing, but your peers changing as well. The real question is, is change good? However, it all depends on what your definition of change is. To me, there is no one answer to this question but, changing is replacing something that you currently have for another that you think is newer and or better. Having said that, you could be replacing something that could make a negative impact on you which could lead to a bad change. On the other hand, you could be replacing something that could lead to a positive impact on your life where the change is for the better. 

Another thing that could be taken into consideration when thinking about whether change is good or not is how much it is affecting others. You can be doing something that you feel happy and confident about, but when you hear the opinions from others they might not think the same. Many people live by the motto “worry about yourself, and no one else,” however, there are certain situations where you have to take in others’ opinions and perspectives to see if what you are doing is the right thing or not for yourself.

There are many different ways for somebody to change. For example, one can change their appearance to feel more confident in their body. You can also change your personality in order to try and fit in more to that special group you want to be a part of. Lastly, another example of change is changing your friends if they do not make you happy. Each one of these ways can have a negative and positive effect on someone and the people that they surround themselves with. So, as I said, there really is no right or wrong answer to this question; it is all about the impact that you make on others around you.