Treat Your Pets With Respect!


Image by Juan Manuel Martinez via Unsplash

The sound of a dog barking can be quite annoying, I will admit to that. However, I believe that my dog can be the occasional exception. Of course, there will be times when I want quiet… I may let out a deep exhale to her loud hollers. But there are times where I let myself smile. It makes me happy to know that she’s speaking, just like we do. Although her form of communication is louder than most humans’, it’s surely tolerable. After all, there are times when friends are annoyed with each other. The difference is, we don’t yell at them to “SHUSH”- at least for the most part. So, what makes it right to do it to a tinier friend? Sometimes providing pets with love and comfort is the best way to get them to quiet down. To me, that sounds much easier than straining my voice to scream at my dog. I think it’s time we all treat our buddies with a little extra love; I will start with Bailey.