The New Black Friday?


Image by Tuur Tisseghem via Pexels

Before 2022, Black Friday was seen as one of the best days of the year. It was because many people were able to shop for things with amazing discounts right before the holiday season. People would wake up at 6AM or earlier to get to their hands on electronics, clothing, shoes, and other household necessities. Except, after the pandemic, the whole Black Friday everyone envisioned back then changed so much. 

Many years, it was like an American Tradition. People would run into stores fighting each other, trying to get the items on sale. It was exhilarating, people planning beforehand on what to get, and gathering everyone in the family to help. It was an amazing universal experience. 

But this year, from my experience, I barely see as many people as there were before the pandemic at malls on Black Friday. Sure, there were still many people; but not many people in this day and age want to go out and shop in person anymore. Due to the invention and popularity of online shopping, many people are able to shop on Black Friday easily with just an electronic device at home.

As online shopping becomes more popular and useful, malls and outlets are starting to lose business. If Black Friday is starting to change, will we ever need to go out and shop anymore? Will this be the new “normal” to Black Fridays? Do you think this is a good thing?