Real vs Fake Christmas Trees: Which is Better?

Image by Jiya Sharma

Image by Jiya Sharma

In my opinion, fake Christmas trees are better because:

1)They are low maintenance.

2) You can reuse them for years, which saves you money in the long run.

3) They are easy to install, dismantle, and store. 

But they can’t be recycled, their production adds to the carbon footprint, and PVC and chemicals are the primary materials that make up these trees. Around 80% of people in America prefer and buy artificial Christmas trees and the $1 billion market for artificial Christmas trees has increased by around 4% in a year.

What are the benefits of having a real Christmas tree? Some include: 

1)Real Christmas trees can be recycled and can put nutrients back into the Earth.

2)They support life on Earth by absorbing carbon dioxide.

3)Real Christmas trees can boost your immune system. 

Even though real Christmas trees are better for the environment, fake ones are more efficient and convenient for most people as they are not as high maintenance as real ones. Fake trees don’t cause and increase allergies that people might have, while real Christmas trees trigger allergies and can worsen asthma. Real trees can cause mold, bugs, and fungi; also real Christmas trees are more expensive in the long term because they need to be bought each year – while fake Christmas trees can be reused for 6-7 years.

*Fun Facts of Christmas Trees:

-The first Christmas tree that was decorated in the world was in 1510 in Latvia

-Evergreen trees, which are used as Christmas trees, had been used to celebrate winter even before the birth of Christ.

-Artificial Christmas trees have originated in Germany.