Grab a Bite in Downtown Freehold!


Image by Asad Photo Maldives via Pexels

In Downtown Freehold, there are so many restaurants for you to enjoy. There is something for everyone to eat, from sushi and hibachi to pizza and french fries. No matter how many guests, what they are craving, or how old they are, there is surely something for everyone to enjoy! Not only are there many restaurants for people to choose from, but there are plenty of dessert options for anyone who may want a sweet treat after their delicious meal in Downtown Freehold. Here are 5 of the restaurants in Downtown Freehold that you should definitely try!

  1. Court Jester – As you first enter town, you encounter Court Jester. Court Jester uses a pub type seeting to entice the residents of Freehold to come to their restuarant. This restaurant may have long waits, but it is worth the visit. The potstickers are the best thing you can order and I would definitely recommend them. 
  2. Federici’s – The next restaurant as you walk down the street is Federicis. This restaurant is a family owned restaurant and some of the family members attended Freehold High School. The pizza is cooked well done and if you are a fan of thin crust pizza this is the restaurant for you. This restaurant is one of Bruce Springsteen’s favorite restaurants in the area, so be sure to stop on in if you have time.
  3. Metropolitan Cafe – The next restaurant on the street is Metropolitan Cafe. This restaurant is higher end, so make sure to dress to the occasion if you visit here. As you look through the menu, my personal recommendation would be to order the Filet Mignon Spring Rolls appetizer. They are very delicious and loved by so many customers.  
  4. Oyako Tso’s – Another fan favorite in Freehold Boro is the sushi and hibachi steakhouse Oyako Tsos. This restaurant has a great sushi and hibachi menu all at one restaurant. Although this restaurant is tiny, they have great food for all to enjoy. It is very fairly priced and you can get a lot of food for a reasonable amount of money.
  5. Juice House – Although this isn’t a restaurant, it is a new, popular addition to the food selection in Freehold Boro. Like Playa and Frutta bowls, Juice House has smoothies, bowls, protein drinks, and even granola balls on their menu. Their acai bowls have a thick base and they have so many different options to choose from. They even have specialty bowls for the holidays, which bring more attention to their restaurant. I definitely recommend trying Juice House for a delicious, refreshing treat.