AI Technology Isn’t All Bad


Image by Pixabay via Pexels

We are currently in a time when AI is a big part of our lives. Products like Tesla, Apple, and Amazon all use AI to make our lives easier. But people believe that AI technology is going to affect us in a bad way.

Although their claims are true, I don’t think that AI technology is all bad. We know that sometimes things are hard, such as reading a map and solving tough math problems. While it’s important that we learn to do these things to help our brains fully develop, sometimes we just don’t have the time in a certain moment. 

In emergency situations, AI is a lifesaver. If you happen to get lost late at night, it’s much easier to find your way home with guided GPS directions that trying to find your location and plot your trajectory on a paper map.

While not a permanent any-time solution for our problems, AI technology is simple to use and can also save so much time for more important tasks in life.