Humans of Boro: Anna Laemmle

A Freehold Boro Senior, Anna Laemmle, shares a little about herself and her high school experience in this Humans of Boro interview. She also gives us a little bit of insight on the upcoming school play, Murder At Rundown Abbey, which she has the role of Lady Sybil Snodley Snippet in.

  1. Tell me a little bit about yourself, Anna. What grade are you in and what do you want to study if you go on to college? What do you like to do in your free time?

Anna: “My name is Anna Laemmle and I’m in my senior year. Next year I hope to be in college studying biology or animal sciences. In my free time I like to draw and go on hikes, but I mostly spend my time doing homework and drama club.”

2) Who is your favorite teacher in the school and why is he/she your favorite teacher. Does he/she teach your favorite subject? If not, what is your favorite subject?

Anna: “My favorite subject is science, especially since it is the subject most related to what I plan to be majoring in at college. As for my teachers, it would be too hard for me to choose just one. All the teachers I have had have had a positive impact on me in one way or another and I enjoyed having them all as teachers.”

3) Being a senior, are there any tips you would give to a freshman coming into Freehold High School?

Anna: “Always walk on the right side of the hallway because people will not be afraid to push their way through the hallway. Make friends, be nice to the teachers, and join clubs you take interest in because they can really change your high school experience. Also, don’t wear backpacks.”

4) Is there any moment from your high school experience that stands out or is unforgettable?

Anna: “An unforgettable moment for me will always be getting into the Addams Family Musical my freshman year because I wasn’t expecting it and it made me feel happy to be a part of something so amazing. That or playing with fire in chemistry class sophomore year because it was awesome.”

5) I know that you have a role in the upcoming school play, Murder at Rundown Abbey. Can you tell us a little bit about what we can expect from this play? What role do you have in it?

Anna: “My character’s name is Lady Sybil Snodley Snippet. The play is a murder mystery/comedy that involves two detectives solving multiple murders that happened in Rundown Abbey, a mansion owned by a family running out of money in the 1920s. The play is filled with jokes and surprises as it follows the story of the Crumbledown family (they own the house) trying to get their lives back to normal. It’s a really interesting and witty comedy and I suggest that everyone sees it.”