Battle of the Classes 2022


Image by Hanah Li

Battle of the Classes (BOTC) is finally making its comeback this year! It’s been a while since we last held the longly-anticipated event as it was canceled due to the pandemic in 2020. This year’s senior class is the only class who have had the full BOTC experience. The Student Council’s latest meeting discussed new ideas and the date for BOTC. Starting as soon as we come back from Spring Break on April 25th, each Google Classroom will have a Google Forms posted for the students who are interested in running to represent their class in BOTC. Unlike past years, it was decided to have one month of preparation for each group of students in each class instead of two. 

For those interested in running, please fill out the form that will be posted and use the break to brainstorm what you would want to write in your blurb about yourself. This blurb is used to show your peers why it would be a good idea for them to vote for you to represent your grade. It is important that students participate in events like spirit week because the more they participate, the more points they will get toward BOTC. Good luck to anyone who is thinking about running, and see you all on May 26th on the day of the event.